Kuraray Fastening Co., Ltd.

MAGICTAPE is a registered trademark or trademark of hook and loop fastener owned by Kuraray Co., Ltd.


How they stick together?

Do you know why the two tapes can easily stick by touching and can open by peeling?
If you watch carefully the surface of MAGICTAPE™ or FREEMAGIC™, you may notice the surface of the fastening tape has 2 differently shaped napped fibers of hook and loop shape.
The interlocking of the hook and loop causes the closure.
The fastener types are defined by the shapes or line of hooks and loops. These 2 types of shapes must be used to perform fastening.


Varied way of sticking depending on the shape and line variation or alignment of hook & loop and the alignment napped elements



MAGICTAPE™, standard hook & loop fastener, consists of a set of hooks and loops. When pressed by touching, the hook interlocks with the loop. When peeled, the interlocked hook can be released from the loop.



A type with the hooks and loops alternately piled on a same surface, FREEMAGIC™ can generate bi–functional effect of hook and loop with single tape. By the unique construction, higher loop yarn than hook produces soft touch and prevents the garment fabric from damaging or prevent the hook picking up the lint or dust.

Mushroom-shaped hoo

Mushroom–shaped hook

The unique mushroom–shaped hook construction will perform higher closure strength. Mushroom–shaped hook strongly hold the loop yarn once it stuck.



MAGILOCK™ has excellent closure power with arrow head shaped hook. Other kinds of hook shape are customized by extrusion process.

Mold-In Fastener System

Mold–In Fastener

Mold–In Fastener is widely adopted system for assembling the automotive seat, also resulting in the higher yield of assembling. Basically the KM fastener (hook tape) which was molded in together with cushioning material will stick to the loop tape stitched on the upholstery fabric or leather.